My Guru Pandit Tota Ram Sharma


Mohan Shyam Sharma is an accomplished musician, having gained prominence representing two gharanas, namely the Shri Nathdwara and Shri Kudau Singh gharana. He was trained by his Guru, Pandit Totaram Sharma, who also received tutelage from two gharanas – first, Pandit Murlidhar Sharma of the Shri Kudau Singh Gharana, and then Pandit Purushottam Das, who pioneered the Shri Nathdwara Gharana. Additionally, Mohan Shyam Sharma was fortunate to learn pakhawaj from Pandit Prem Vallabh of Shri Kudau Singh Gharana. Mohan Shyam Sharma’s music showcases a harmonious fusion of two distinct streams, allowing him to masterfully navigate the extensive repertoires of both gharanas, whether in solo performances or as an accompanist. This integration results in a balanced and beautiful sound.


Mohan Shyam Sharma has carved a niche for himself as an eminent presenter and artist, having made frequent appearances on All India Radio and Doordarshan. His musical journey commenced as an accompanist for the revered Dagar Brothers, touring with eminent artists such as Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, and the entire Dagar family, both in India and abroad. He is a highly sought-after accompanist for some of the finest exponents of dhrupad, vocal, and instrumental Indian classical music. His accompaniment credits include luminaries of the Darbhanga Gharana, such as Pandit Bidhur Mallik and Pandit Siya Ram Tiwari, as well as celebrated artists of diverse styles, including Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Birju Maharaj, and Vidushi Kishori Amonkar.

Mohan Shyam Sharma, a dedicated performer of Indian classical music, has had the privilege of sharing his artistry with audiences across the globe. He has had the opportunity to perform in various countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Despite his achievements, he remains grounded and grateful for the opportunities he has had. He has also contributed to the release of numerous albums, in addition to releasing his own solo record. Furthermore, he is known and respected as a humble and passionate teacher, both in India and abroad.